On our future releases and you baking us a cake


Howdy fine friends and fellow adventures

Just to keep you updated on our future releases with regards to the music subscription service called Airborne and the availibility of our albums to-be.

We see the Airborne service as a way in which we are able to release tracks that will possibly not be included on any of our upcoming albums, or it may be versions of a track that is completly different to the final album version. Ultimately what this means for you as a fan/supporter/admirer/listener/champion of our music is that you will have access to our rare tracks, which no-one else will have except if they also subscribe to the service or if they do something nice for us like bake us a cake, and which might be worth millions one day (ok, maybe not millions but definitely thousands!).

So if you like our music and believe in what we do, and have a dollar to spare every month, then it would be most awesome if you would "carry" us on Airborne so that we can become rich use the money for even more creative and inspirational endeavours in, with and through our music.

As for our future albums we will still be releasing them for free on all the various websites such as, JamendoBandcamp, etc. Hooray for you!

- The X-Structure