The Album

Released: 2009

Album: 07

The Album

The Album's creation was never implied but happened per chance as some would say, or rather as Starrzan would put it, "It was formed by God's guidance and purpose". Each track in itself was created separately and at completely different times but they all found each other together in a particular order to present a story as old as the begining of humanity up until its salvation and to where we are still today.

The Album is also The X-Structure's first attempt at a "live" collaboration with another artist. The artist being the wonderful Jade Q Wang whose calming voice and soothing chants opens up the album to an air of condemnation but at the end of the album true joy is found through being saved from the failure inherent in us all.

So enjoy and may the message resonate with you in both the music and also in its meaning.


// Track listing

01. The Accuser
02. The Fall
03. The Saviour
04. The Joy

// Release Date

November 2009

// External Sources

Front and Back Cover Art by Jade Q Wang -

Cover designs by nightowl

// Label

Bushmen Records -
Release Number - bush10

// License

Licensed under Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 South Africa

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