A new adventure - Soultrek


2013 is here and with it comes a new adventure. Like all adventures the path is not exactly clear yet there is a vision of the future and the end goal may be seen far ahead.

This new adventure means that The X-Structure, as you know it, will take a break and go on various sub-quests and wanderings in the wild.

We will, however, not leave without leaving some good elevator music for, you, the modern adventurer as this new adventure is in fact another musical project started by the mysterious man behind The X-Structure. (Yes it all comes from the imagination of one daring fellow.)

This new adventure is called Soultrek and is currently being meticulously crafted into existence with the production of the debut album, called Legend-Borne.

So this is not the end my friend but merely the end of the beginning.

You are most welcome to join me on this wild trek into the undiscovered reaches of life and beyond.


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A word from our partner - Why Music is Important for Your Well-being


You see a light in a clearing and the sounds of nature envelop you. It feels good and you are now at peace. You breathe in and out, taking in everything that surrounds you, the tranquility and the calmness. You are now at one with the world. You are now one with the cosmos. You hear a faint sound, and it doesn't startle you. It's like coming from a dream state, are you half asleep? Or half awake? It echoes through your entire being, and suddenly, you just know. No doubt you are hearing the ephemeral music of The X-Structure. Welcome, visitor. All you need to do is to close your eyes and listen while you relax with your Audio Technica headphones.

Music creates a whole new world for us, and it is in often ways, therapeutic for the soul. It relaxes us and does wonders for our health. Therapists typically use music to help patients with their cognitive functioning, motor skills, emotional and affective development, behavior and social skills. Games are also considered as alternative therapy and they improve your wits, creativity and learning skills whether it could be board, video, or online games. Those who would like to improve their playing strategies can practice online at There are two ways to play thrilling casino games, just pick one that suits you best. Music therapy is known to treat mood disorders such as depression, heart disease, as well as neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. You don’t have to pick up a Les Paul guitar to totally immerse yourself into music. You can simply achieve wellness and health just by listening to whatever fits your mood, especially in bouts of stress. Try mood altering and mood lifting classical or even electronica. Not the ones that are played during a night out of clubbing but downtempo electronica. So please do peruse through The X Structure’s discography and these albums will take you into a relaxing state of bliss.

Music therapy has also been known to be used in indigenous practices in Africa. They use lyrical music to alleviate some anticipated pain. In Western culture, music is mainly used for entertainment purposes such as playing games as a hobby and to relax. You can also fight boredom and relax by playing online games at PartyCasino. You can join the casino tournaments and other popular games such as blackjack, roulette, and slots.

In contrast, music is used for traditional celebrations, storytelling and sending out messages in Africa. So you see, music has its divine purpose in this world. Not only to does it provide food for the soul and peace of mind, it also brings people and cultures together. Here’s to wishing you a wonderful journey in the world of music.

Behold the Mountain


The X-Structure, that's us, being ever the time-travellers, once again brings you a gift back from our travels in time and space. Mountain is this gift, which was initially conceived, and the ground work mostly done, in the forming years of The X-Structure, circa 2008.

With some polishing, fine-tuning and general crafting we have completed the tracks now in 2012 but in the process still retained that unique feel and expression of the tracks from whence they came.

In this, we again offer you something different from where we have currently been heading with our latest few releases. Call it a detour if you like, or perhaps even a hike over the mountains instead of taking the winding mountain pass that we have been heading towards.

So without further ado, and before we go off again into the future, or on a rambling tangent, here it is. Finally!

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To the Wild Places


We are stoked and honoured to announce the release of our latest album, Wild Places.

This album has been in the making for some time, much longer than any of our previous albums, if our memory serves us well, and we hope that the fruits of our works of love and creative expression will be alluring, inspiring and refreshing to you.

The overall sound and stylistic elements of Wild Places follows on, and is a continuation of, our previous two albums, The Future and Liberation.

As with all of our albums there is always a story, or a conceptual theme, that guides and carries the songs. You will notice in the case of Wild Places, with its story found on the album release page and in the accompanying album notes, that each track has its own specific story which ultimately forms part of the larger story of the album. This larger story being an invitation to take the road less travelled, knowing that you have what it takes, a true heart, to stay the course, taking it slowly but surely, in discovering the crux of the story, finding that there is a mystery, and something greater behind it all.

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or just download the album here (68.5MB).

A nifty new guide to The X-Structure's albums


If you are new to The X-Structure then you will be glad to know that we now have a nifty new guide to help you navigate through the vast expanse of The X-Structure's albums (16 and counting).

To view the guide head over to our Music Room to the suitably named "The Beginner's Guide To Navigating The Universe Via The X-Structure".